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"Now , You can manage and store your documents very easily by using SDM. "

Savsoft Document Manager

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Admin Powers

Admin can add any new user. Admin can access any user's profile, watch user's documents. Admin can also login any user. Admin can re-store the documents which are deleted by the users. Admin can permanent delete any user and their documents. Only admin have access to change or edit user information or passwords. Admin can create any groups or category (like Departments, classes etc...). Admin can share any document with multi groups and users.

Document Search

Search and retrive documents quickly uploaded by this user using search option.

Document Storage

Store your documents on the server and retrive any of then from from any where instead of carrying them ll in files.

Access Control

Grant access to other users to view your document. User can manage the permisions i.e to whom he/she want his documents should be vissible.

Document Sharing

SDM, allows you to share your documents instnt with other users.


User can easily download own and shared documents at any time.

Support Multiple format

SDM, allows multiple documents formats i.e PDF,DOC,XLS etc...

Document Re-Store

Admin can quickly any time re-store the deleted documents (if deleted by user) of any user.

Documents moniter

Admin monitor the shared documents and other documents of all the user.

Documents Sets

Store your documents category a set wise, making it easier for the user to retrive thier document quickly.

Admin Access

Admin can access any user account at any time.No need for password to access the user account so admin can access very easily any user account.

Customize the signup fields

Admin can also set the user's and sub user's signup fields and they can also add additional more fields according to own requirements.

Online user's

Admin can watch online user's list.

Login Permissions

Admin can quickly set the permissions for user and sub-user's to login or signup directly or not.If admin can bann sub user(like student ,Employee, client etc..) signup then only the user(like teacher, manager etc..) can add the sub user information.


Admin can send the notification message to user and sub-user's.These notification message according to the user and sub-user group.You can check in our demo.

Show Alert

When admin can send the notification message to user and sub-user's then alert show on the top bar. User and sub-user can watch alert on the screen of the top bar.

Similarly when user come online then admin can watch online user alert on the screen . Admin can watch how many user's online at the time.

Backup Download/Upload

Admin can easily get download database backup and upload backup file.

Trash/Re-cycle bin

Admin can easily watch and re-store all deleted document by users.

Online Demo

URL: http://savsofteproducts.com/doc/index.php/login/index

Administrator login

Username : admin

Password : admin

User login

Username 1: pondson

Password: pondson

Username 2: petter thomson

Password : thomson

Sub-user login

URL: http://savsofteproducts.com/doc/index.php/se/se/index

ID : MK-0009

Password : manoj


It will take two min's to install on your website. We provide free installation service.

We provide 100% source code without any encryption. You can edit and modify code according to your requirement.

No Monthly or Yearly Fees Its only ONE time payment.

Easy to Access
Access your documents any time and any where.

Easy to Search
Search and retrieve documents instantly in a digital paperless office

Easy to Share
You can share very easily sub-user documents with other user.

Easy Backup
You can get easily download and upload database backup


If you want to customize this script then please Contact us and send your requirements.

Support Service

  • Features
  • Document Search
  • Document Storage
  • Access Control
  • Document Sharing
  • Download
  • Support Multiple format
  • Document Re-Store
  • Documents moniter
  • Documents Sets
  • Admin Access
  • Customize the signup fields
  • Trash/Re-cycle bin
  • Online user's
  • Backup upload/download
  • Login Permissions
  • Notifications
  • Show Alert
  • Support Service
  • Updates
  • Installation Service
  • Remove Back link
  • 100% Source code (without encryption)

Basic Version

  • Available/Not

Advanced Version

  • Rs 6100 INR
  • Price $99 USD Only ( Rs 6100 INR)

Support Service

  • Rs 1200 INR
  • Get : 6 Month support service

Why Advanced version?

Developed in CodeIgniter php framework
100% Source code (without encryption)
Include extra advanced features
You can remove back link
Free installation service
6 Months support service
6 Months free updates

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